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Kindly Sponsored by:


Kindly Sponsored by:




                   Independent Agility Show 

                     Sponsored by Becky Salisbury 

                   Beginners & Novice Show                              

                         WINTER LEAGUE 

                    Saturday 1st October             

                    Saturday 5th November        

                    Saturday 10th December      

                    Sunday 22nd January             

                    Sunday 19th February           

                    Sunday 19th March               

LOCATION:   Fidos Training Centre, Bottle Lane, Binfield, Berkshire, RG42 5RY

          Show Manager / Secretary:   
          Hayley Hawkins

          Telephone: 07946 451629


All Classes will take place in our Indoor Arena.

First Contact Aluminum Equipment will be used.

Electronic Timing will be used with Results announced on

Schedule of Classes - 

8.15am Course Walking

8.30am Judging Commences

Class 1 - Novice Agility  
Class 2 - Beginner Agility (no Seasaw - 6 Weaves Only) 
Class 3 - Novice Jumping

Class 4 - Beginner Jumping 
Class 5 - Novice Steeplechase

Class 6 - Beginner Steeplechase

Beginner Classes 2, 4 & 6 are open to dogs in KC Grade 1 and 2. 

Dogs should not to have won in a KC Grade 2 class.  This is a beginner Class for new handlers/dogs.
Novice Classes 1, 3 & 5 are open to dogs in KC Grade 2-5

Beginner Classes are for complete beginners or young dogs just starting to compete. 
If your dog is a higher level/ or have had a win in Grade 2 you may run NFC.


£15.00 - Entry into all three Beginner or Novices classes.     


NFC - (Not For Competition)  All Classes handlers may compete or run 'NFC' and train in the ring.  You can change your entry to NFC on the day of the show.   A toy can be used but this will be ran as a  NFC round.  If  you wish to run NFC (not for competition) please state this when you are about to run at ringside.


2nd Chance Tickets can be purchased on the day at £2.00 per run.  The ticket will enable you to attempt a second run in one of the 3 classes entered.  If running on a 2nd chance ticket the best run will count to the results and Winter League table.


The course for Classes 1, 3, 5  will be the same for all heights

The course for Classes 2, 4, 6 will be the same for all heights.


Subject to weather there will be a small outside enclosed practise Arena. 

PLEASE NOTE:   ONLY Dogs who are entered for the competition are to use the Practise Ring.





Small:                dogs measuring 350mm and below - Jump Height  300mm

Medium:           dogs measuring 450mm and below - Jump Height 400mm

Intermediate:  dogs measuring 550mm and below - Jump Height  500mm

Large:                dogs measuring 650mm and below - Jump Height  600mm  

Beginners Results 

Results Individual - Small, Medium, Intermediate & Large.

Handlers who compete at a higher grade can run, but must be NFC.  

Judging will be on each individual Height.


Novice -  Combined Results  

Results Combined - Small & Medium.  Intermediate & Large.
This class is for Handlers who have won in Grade 2 and above at Kennel Club Shows.

You may enter your dog into a lower height than your dogs set height, however your run will

only be eligible for a clear round.  For dogs that have not yet had a KC measurement, the owner should estimate their height as best they can.  Please note that dogs do not need to be KC registered to enter the show and do not need to be officially measured.

Winter League Points

Prizes will be Awarded to the Overall Handler & Dog Combination with the Highest Points.
Categories - Beginner Small, Medium, Intermediate & Large
                      Novice  Small/Medium  &  Intermediate/Large

1st Place     10 Points

2nd Place    8 Points

3rd Place     6 Points

4th Place     4 Points

5th Place     2 Points

ENTRIES :     

Payment required to confirm Entry.  
NO REFUNDS or Transfers given. 


PAYMENTS:  Card or Paypal when entering online/Cash payments with On the day Entries.

There will be refreshments available - please bring change with you. 

Vet on call :
Summerleaze MyNight - 01628 628121 (9 Summerleaze Road, Maidenhead, SL6 8EW)
Fidos do also have a Vet Nurse available on site for minor injuries.


Rosettes will be awarded to 10% or second in each class, depending on which is higher.

Results will be split by height in Class 1, 2, 3.  Class 4, 5, 6 will be combined for Small/Medium dogs and Intermediate/Large dogs.

Clear round rosettes will be available for all classes.  If your dog is already out of the places after you have completed your run, you can collect your Clear Round Rosetted before you leave.

Trophies awarded to 1st Place.

Placed rosettes and prizes can be collected from Fidos Agility after Presentation of Awards on the day of the show. 

Show Results will be Placed on the Board outside of the Office plus posted shortly after the show on website.

Exercise Area

An exercise area will be provided, please ensure that you pick up after your dog and place in bins provided.

Show Rules

         Please read our show rules carefully.  By entering the show, you agree to abide by them.

1.    We refuse the right to refuse entries.

2.    Entries limited as stated.  If the maximum number of dogs is reach before the official closing date, entries will be declared closed at that earlier date.

3.    Please keep your dogs on leads (except when competing or in exercise area) and ensure you clear up after your dogs.

4.    All dogs entered for competition at the show must 16 months of age or over.

5.    Any person handling their own or any other dog in a harsh manner will be asked to leave the show.

6.    A dog will be removed from the competition if it is:  so out of control that it poses a danger to people or dogs at the show:  or suffering from an infectious or contagious disease, or otherwise unfit to compete.

7.    The show manager and show secretary will be the sole arbiters in respect of all matters and disputes at this event.

8.    Competitors must follow the written instructions of the show with respect to parking and conduct within the show boundaries.

9.    In the event that the competition has to be cancelled, we reserve the right to deduct  unrecoverable expenses incurred before returning entry fees.

10.  Whilst every care will be taken, we will not take responsibility for loss, damage or injury to dogs, people or property whilst at this show.

11.  Goods may not be sold at the venue without prior permission.

12.  There will be no running orders.  Please queue when your height is running.  It is your responsibility to make sure you are available to run in your allocated dogs height section.   Failure to arrive in time for your slot may mean you miss walking the course and/or you are unable to run in the class.

13.  Standard marking will apply for all classes.

14.  For the purposes of show processing and scoring at the event, your details will be entered into the computer system and stored in accordance with GDPR.  Show results will be published online at (should you wish for your name not to be included please confirm on your entry)

15.  By entering this show, you agreed to abide by all government guidance regarding social distancing.  Failure to comply with government guidance will result in you being asked to leave the show without refund.

16.  Handlers must bring their own hand gel and are responsible for their own belongings at all times during the show.  Leads and toys will not be handled by any other person.  

17.  Handlers must not touch any equipment at any point during the show

18.  Dogs should not wear loss hanging name tags or harnesses.

19.  If you have multiple dogs, some or all of them may be scheduled to run in the same time slot.  We will do our best to make sensible choices, but the allocation of the dogs to cohorts is at our discretion.

20.  Dogs should remain in your vehicle while you walk the courses.  Parking will be close to the rings.

NOTE:  This show is restricted to numbers due to Parking restrictions.  Only competitors should attend the show.

21.  Please ensure that you allow your dog(s) the opportunity to toilet before entering the rings.  Should your dog toilet whilst in the ring you will be eliminated from that class  and there will be a £2.00 charge. (you will still be able to compete in the other 2 classes).  

22.  You may choose not to run all three classes, however all entries will be automatically entered for all runs.

23.  When you enter the ring, the scrime will confirm your name and dog's name. Please ensure this information is correct before commencing your run.

24.  Final results will  be published within 48 hours of the event on

25.  These rules may be amended at any time to reflect changes to Government Covid-19 advice.  Competitors will be informed by email if this is the case.

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