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Fidos – Berkshire Dog Training Centre


Bookings can be  made Online or Email (Full Day Hire)  and are accepted by Fidos Training Centre Ltd on the following conditions. 


Correspondence address :

Fidos Training Centre - Berkshire  
Ashley Farm, Bottle Lane, Binfield, Berkshire, RG42 5RY


Contract of Hire

The hiring contract will be between you ‘the Hirer’ and Fidos Training Centre - Berkshire, subject to these Conditions of Hire and governed by English Law.  The Contract of Hire is not effective until Fidos TC has dispatched to the 'Hirer' confirmation of the booking (via email).  The contract conditions are for the venue facility booked, to include, but not limited to the Arena, kitchen, toilet, car park.  Bookings must only be made by persons aged 18 yrs or over.

BOOKINGS can be made on our online calendar alternatively on the 'How to book' form.   On receipt of your booking request Fidos TC a booking confirmation will be emailed.  Full Day Hire:  an Invoice will be sent on request of the booking time.  Please note your booking will be held for 24hrs at which time payment should be received.    Should payment not be received your booking time of hire will be released.


Hourly Bookings

Payments are due in full, at time of Booking.  Bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of payment by Fidos TC .  

Regular Weekly Group Booking

When regular long term weekly group session are booked, payment can be made monthly in advance either by BACs, Direct Debit, Paypal or Debit/Credit Card (card payments/Paypal are subject to 3.5% charge).  Each Month should be received a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the first week of the month.

Half Day/Full Day Booking

25% of the Hire cost will be taken to confirm the booking with the remaining 75% payable 6 weeks prior to the Hire date.  Total Hire costs to be paid 6 weeks before hire.  5% discount will be given should full payment be made on booking a date outside of 6 weeks.


Payments should be made by either Bank transfer, Paypal or Debit/Credit card 


Fidos Training Centre Ltd is not VAT registered.



Once Fidos TC  has issued a Confirmation of Booking, the 'Hirer' is responsible for the total published price of the facility and extras as shown on the confirmation.  Fidos TC reserve the right to adjust prices quoted on our website or on details to properties, due to errors or omissions.



For Groups, Half Day and Full Day Bookings a £50.00 Deposit is required in the event of damages etc.  The deposit will be returned in full provided the Terms and Conditions are adhered to,  the venue is left clean and tidy, quietly, on time and without damage.


Weekly Group Bookings when cancelled within 7 days of hire date No Refund is given but a full refund minus administration fee (£10.00) will be given if cancelled, in writing – outside of 7 days.

Half Day / Full Days (ie: more than 4.5hrs)  when cancelled within 6 weeks of hire date 25% deposit is refundable if the full price has been agreed – outside of 6 weeks No Refund is given.  On bookings which include 5% discount for full payment  No Refund will be given. 



Reschedule of the hire date can also be made once, within 6 months of the original Hire Date. 

For Regular Groups, Half Day or Full Day Hire 

You are welcome to offer your booking to another 'Hirer' /'Trainer'  that agrees to the Terms and Conditions provided you have confirmed this by email to us.  The new 'Hirer'/'Trainer' must complete and sign the booking form.  The primary 'Hirer' must inform Fidos TC of any changes to their booking details.

Individual, hourly, 2 and 3 hourly bookings are transferable to another date when 48hrs notice is provided, within 6 months of the original Hire Date, subject to agreement of Terms and Conditions. 


For record purposes, all reschedule requests must be made by email.

Regular Evening 'Hirer' will have the right to release up to 6 evenings (not use or not pay for) within a 12 months period.  Fidos TC reserve the right to reclaim a maximum of 6 evenings within a 12 month period.  6 weeks notice of changes to regular evening hires must be given in writing by both parties.   Should you wish to release more than 6 evenings the booking can be transferred to another trainer subject to a Booking form being completed and signed by the new 'Hirer'.

Classes with Fidos TC Instructor once confirmation of payment is received to join a class No Refund will be given.

121 training  with Fidos TC Instructor can be rescheduled or cancelled when 48hrs Notice is received (if cancelled an admin charge of £10 will be deducted from the cost)  in writing by email (  No Refund will be given if less than 48hrs notice is received.


The use of the venue and any equipment is entirely at the users’ risk and no responsibility can be accepted for any injury, loss or damage to users’ and/or visitors’, dogs or their belongings.


Lighting is included.


The 'Hirer' is REQUIRED to check all equipment and facilities are in good order before commencing the hire.   A record book is available in the waiting area.  This is your opportunity to record any issues – the condition you found the venue in, how it was left by the previous 'Hirer' or any incidents that have occurred during your hire.  Any issues will be followed up and it is by agreement of hire, that all damage is paid for.

PLEASE NOTE :  The agility equipment is only available for Hire by persons fully experienced in Agility Training.



In no circumstances may more than the maximum number of persons as stated at the bookings use the venue.  Fidos TC reserve the right to refuse admittance if this condition is not observed.  Only those listed on the booking may occupy any part of the premises, unless previously agreed with Fidos TC.   The person who completes the booking, ie. The lead name, certifies that he/she is authorised to agree to the Booking Conditions on behalf of all members of the party, including any changes.  The lead name must be over 18 years and a member of the party visiting the property.  The lead name agrees to take responsibility for all members of the party.  Fidos TC reserve the right to refuse or revoke any bookings from parties that may in their opinion (and at their sole discretion) be unsuitable for the property concerned.  All persons attending, either actively or spectating, are the responsibility of the 'Hirer'.


Your Responsibilities

For the whole of the period included within your booking, you will be responsible for the venue hired and be expected to take all reasonable care.  NOTE:   Should you wish to move equipment  Contact equipment must be placed back in the same position to when you arrive for your hire.  Please leave the jumps/tunnels tidy at the end of your hire.  All unused equipment must be stored in the 'STORAGE AREA'


Damage and Cleanliness

Fidos TC requests payment of a security deposit.  Any security deposit charged by Fidos TC will be reimbursed promptly after hire period or be held if regular group bookings are booked (less any penalties which may be incurred). 

All damages and breakages are the legal responsibility of you, the 'Hirer', and should be notified immediately to Fidos TC in writing either by email or in the Register book (held inside the indoor).  The cost of damage or breakages shall be payable on demand.  In circumstances where extra cleaning is required – eg. Not picking up after dogs or leaving rubbish behind or there has been breakage or damaged beyond what is reasonably acceptable, Fidos TC reserve the right to charge you for any additional costs incurred as a consequence and may refuse further bookings. 

Should you find on arrival any damaged or non-working items, they must be reported to Fidos TC immediately, so that matters can be rectified.

Fidos TC reserves the right to request you leave the venue at any time, whether you or any member of your party has caused damage or not.  Fidos TC shall not be liable to make a refund of any remaining portion of the hire terms paid.

When a dog fouls either by pee or poo, the surface must be sprayed with disinfectant provided and water poured over it with the watering can provided.  £2.00 is required to be paid into the Charity pot. Fidos will cover the cost of disinfectant.



All 'Hirers' undertake to abide by the Regulations and not bring to the site, or have within their group, any dog which has contracted or been knowingly exposed to any infectious or contagious disease during the past 21 days, or which is suffering from a visible condition which adversely affects its health or welfare.


Complaint Procedure

If you are dissatisfied with the service of the facility Fidos TC must be notified immediately so that an investigation can be carried out and any necessary action taken.  In no circumstances will compensation be made for any complains that are made after the hire has ended, or where the 'Hirer' has denied Fidos TC the opportunity to try to rectify the situation within a reasonable timescale.

Contact us: Please write or email us details of your concerns within 7 days.  We will do our best to resolve any issues swiftly but rely on the cooperation of all concerned.



Fidos TC takes every care to ensure the accuracy of the property descriptions.  All information on our website is given in good faith and is believed to be correct at the time of going public, but Fidos TC cannot be held responsible for changes beyond their control, which may become known after publication of this literature.  The description of the facility show what amenities the property has but generally does not state what is not at the property.  Further, Fidos TC cannot accept liability for happenings outside their reasonable control, such as breakdown of domestic appliances, plumbing, wiring, temporary invasion of pests, damage resulting from exceptional weather conditions. etc.


Act of God

Natural disasters, unsatisfactory weather or other such ‘acts of god’ will not result in refunds.



In the event of any dispute between parities it shall be governed by the jurisdiction of the English courts only and any actions shall be heard in the court for the area in which the property is located unless otherwise agreed between parties.  However, it is hereby agreed and declared that all reasonable endeavour will be used to resolve the dispute arising between you and Fidos TC without immediate recourse to litigation.  If not naturally resolved, it is further agreed that all reasonable endeavour will be used to resolve the dispute by a formally recognized alternative dispute resolution process ie: Mediation, arbitration or expert determination.  In default of such agreement, the process and appoint of an independent professional will be sought.



The Hiring Contract is made on the understanding that the venue and its facilities will be available for the times and dates stated.  In the unlikely event that the facility is not available through events arising outside of the control of Fidos TC, then Fidos TC may be forced to cancel the booking.  The 'Hirer' will be advised as early as possible.  Where possible, the 'Hirer' will be offered a suitable alternative, which, if not acceptable, will entitle the 'Hirer' to a refund.  The 'Hirer' will not as a result have any further claims against Fidos TC.  Please note that reservation requests taken via our website are not confirmed bookings until we have confirmed and accepted a payment.


Site Rules

  • Dogs fowling Indoor Surface/Equipment.  Please ensure water and the disinfectant (provided) are sprayed on the area.  £2.00 MUST be placed into the collection box.


  • SPEED LIMIT : 5km/h on site

  • CCTV Cameras are in place.  This is for your safety and Insurance purposes.

  • Please leave the facilities in a tidy and clean manner.

  • Security resides on site and is to be respected at all times.

  • The 'Hirer', MUST be competing at Kennel Club/UKA Agility Shows or attend regular training classes/121 with an experienced instructor.

  • There is a strict No Smoking policy on site

  • All litter, poo bags to be placed in the bins provided.

  • Children under 16 yrs should be accompanied by a responsible adult over 18 yrs

  • Dogs to be kept on leads at all times when not in a designated training or exercise area and always when in the car park

  • Animals must not be left unsecured and unattended

  • All gates must be kept shut at all times

  • Please respect other dog owners and do not assume other dogs will be ok with your dog(s)

  • I/We also undertake to abide by the Regulations and not bring to the site any dog which has contracted or been knowingly exposed to any infectious or contagious disease during the 21 days prior; or which is suffering from a visible condition which adversely affects its health or welfare.

  • Community does Matter – Please respectful of others and their property

  • All of our venues are pre-booked only – please do not turn up unannounced.

  • Noise to be kept to a minimum and appropriate for the exercise being carried out

  • All users must respect neighbouring properties and any livestock in close proximity and maintain control of their dogs at all times.   

  • Veterinary Practices  -  In case of emergency, the nearest Vets are approximately 3 miles away in Bracknell

  • Dogs must be Insured to cover public liability, accident and vet bills.  

  • Dogs MUST not attend classes at Fidos, if aggressive and not controlled safely causing stress to other dogs within the area.


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