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Fidos Agility Club are very fortunate to have some great trainers holding classes within the gorgeous facilities located at Fidos Training Centre.


We offer a relaxed friendly environment to help you achieve a happy fulfilled training session, enhancing the bond and behaviour of your dogs.

Agility Classes are available for Beginners wanting to enjoy the fun of learning how to train their dogs in Agility to Advanced Agility Competitors.


All Trainers have many years of experience teaching and competing at Kennel Club competitors throughout the country with their own dogs. 


Handlers who are training in the club have started out with their dogs to enjoy the sport and continuing onto compete themselves after being bitten by the bug of Agility.  Our classes have a great support from our trainers and other students, making some great friends.  The training is all with positive reward  at Fidos which shows through the great community and friendships which have been made.

The Large Indoor Training Arena plus Enclosed Outside Grass Agility Paddock offers great facilities whatever the weather.  

Fidos Training Centre also have some great guest trainers who hold regular daily workshops.  These in the past have included, Dalton Meredith, Stephanie Best, Shannon Springford, Iain Patz,  Barrie James, Dawn Weaver, Neil Ellis.



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