Fidos Agility Club

Fidos Agility Club offers training within Classes, Workshops which we invite some great outside guest Trainers and Agility Shows.


All dog owners  are welcome from beginners wanting to get into the sport, whether as a fun hobby or the more advanced handlers at competition level.  We have a great team of qualified Instructors within the Club, who have a vast experience of training, from puppy level to Kennel Club Champ competitors.  Our instructors are regularly competing Nationally at KC competitions, Crufts and British Squad teams along with Judging at KC competitions. 


We pride ourselves in being a positive friendly Club and like dog owners to feel that they are part of a club with like minded people who would like the same end result.  Love, Fun and enjoyment of their dogs and the encouragement of each other.  

Our Foundation/Beginner Classes are a brilliant way for dog owners to try the sport over a 4 week course to see if they enjoy the training.  (NB - Agility can be addictive X).  This course is great for owners who would like to have fun with their dog whilst enhancing obedience and focus, while bonding through the enjoyment of exercise and socialising with other Dogs.  

All of our Instructors are very happy to help weather you have never trained your dog at agility or are regularly competing at Independant, UKA or Kennel Club shows.  Training is offered within classes, alternatively on a 121 basis.

PUPPY AGILITY     1 Hour - 4 week Course -  £45.00        Tuesday 10.30am  / Wed 9am                                            (max 6 dogs per group)   Puppies  6 months plus 

Puppy Agility Class - The puppy class covers foundation exercises without contacts and jumps.  This class has a focus on training on the ground teaching vocal commands, drive and high reward which is a brilliant time to spend ready for when your puppy is stronger and ready to start using the jumps and other equipment.       




BEGINNERS          1 Hour - 4 week Course -  £45.00        Wednesday 3.30pm
                                 (max 6 dogs per group)                          Thursday 11am
                                                                                                      Friday 4pm & 5pm
                                                                                                                                     (more dates plse contact us)         

Beginner Class - Drive and Fun... This course encourages your dog to gain confidence going on away from your side, yet coming back for their reward of either their tuggy toy or treat.  Your dog will start with ground work training along with teaching the handler vocal commands and body language of their position.  Foundation training is very important in all disciplines of dog training.  With our Agility training we encourage owners to continue with homework helping you to understand your dog and their behaviour.  

Class Times and Days may vary.  Please contact us for available spaces.





IMPROVERS        1 Hour - 8 week Course -  £80.00        Monday 8pm
(max 6 dogs per group)                           Wednesday 4.45pm
                                                                                                     Thursday 10am
                                                                                                     Friday 6pm

Improver  Class - Following on from the basic Foundation/Beginner training, this course continues to encourage you and your dog to build in confidence to be able to introduce additional equipment, working on technique and control.  This course is available to handlers who have some basic agility experience whether from Fidosfun or other trainers.

​Class Times and Days may vary.  Please contact us for available spaces.

ADVANCED        1 Hour - 8 week Course -  £80.00         Monday 6pm     
 (max 6 dogs per group)                            Monday 7pm           

Advanced Class -  Our Advanced training is for handlers who are looking to further their training skills and techniques.  Teaching tighter turns, drive and accuracy whether preparing for a competition or improving fun.

​Class Times and Days may vary.  Please contact us for available spaces.

1-2-1 TRAINING                             30 minutes         -     £27.00

                                                            1 Hour                -     £45.00


We are happy to organise 121 training for handlers who wish to focus on certain handling techniques.


 TWO PEOPLE TRAINING            30 minutes       -     £20.00 (per person)
                                                          1 Hour                -     £27.00 (per person)


(Prices 2 people sharing are per session)

(Sessions will be held inside if the weather is bad)

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