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The introductory scent work course will provide the skills to teach your dog to find a specific scent and to indicate that it has found that scent.  This can lead onto searching for different scents and for those who wish to into trials and competitions.  Scent work is low impact and works one dog at a time so is suitable for nervous or reactive dogs and for those who require low impact exercise or those older dogs who still want to be doing but who cant be charging around quite like they used to.

Introduction Class      Course commencing -  Thursday 2nd April   8pm

                                      1 Hour - 6 week Course -  £80.00                                           
(max 5 dogs per group)

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scentwork photo.jpg


The introductory mantrailing workshop will provide information on how to start your dog in the art of following the scent of a specific person to find them.  Mantrailing is trained on a long line and harness so is suitable for dogs which can not be let off lead as well as those who can.

Introduction Workshop -  Saturday 17th April 2021. - Please Register on our Workshop Page

                                        4 Hour Afternoon session     -    1.30pm - 5.30pm  -  £50.00
                                        (max 6 dogs per group)

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