AGILITY                 Saturyday 24th April                   -  Iain Patz 
                                Sunday 16th May                         -  Barrie James
                                 Sunday 23rd May                         -  Iain Patz
                                 Friday 9th July                              -  Shannon Springford
                                 Sunday 7th November               -  Shannon Springford
                                 Sunday 5th December               -  Shannon Springford


Sportive Dogs Training Club are pleased to invite the above guest trainers to hold some fantastic workshops with inspiring training techniques from beginner through to advanced competition.


The sessions will be held throughout the day in 2hr time slots with a maximum of 6 handlers/dogs in each group.

Group 1 - Grade 1-3 (young dogs)
Group 2 - Grade 3-5

Group 3 - Grade 5-7

Price per handler/dog   £40.00

To request a space please complete the form below. 
On receipt of your request, an email a confirmation of your space providing Payment details by BACS.  Payment must be made within 24hrs of confirmation. 
Please Note :  Your space is only held and confirmed (by email) once payment has been received. 


Please do not make payment until a notification email has been received as spaces are subject to availability.



Sportive Dogs Training

Agility Workshop 
Shannon Springford
Group Sessions


Iain Patz
Group Sessions

Later Dates TBC

Dalton Meredith
Group Sessions
Barrie James

Later Dates TBC

Group Sessions

Please tick the box which dates you would like to attend the workshop and group.  


NB:  If the Date is (TBC) to be confirmed plse email if you would like to be notified when a particular training is coming to Fidos TC

Thanks for requesting a space on our workshop. An email will be sent shortly to confirm