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                  Sat 9th March                                         Jumps & Tunnels Event/Comp
                  Sat 16th March                                       Selena Bray 

                  Sat 6th April                                            Jumps & Tunnels Event/Comp
                  2 Day Camp  5th - 6th June                 Barrie James & Sam Lane

                  Friday 7th June                                      Sam Lane (Morning Workshop)
                  Friday 7th June                                      Barrie James (Morning Workshop)

                  Sat 7th & Sun 8th Sept                         Barrie James
                  Sun 27th October                                  Selena Bray                  

                  Sat 9th & Sun 10th Novembe             Barrie James
                  Sun 24th November                              Selena Bray                  

                  Sun 8th December                                 Selena Bray                  

                  Sat 14th & Sun 15th December          Barrie James
                  Sat 18th & Sun 19th Jan (2025)           Barrie James
                  Sat 15th & Sun 16th Feb (2025)          Barrie James


Available to book @ 

Fidos Training Centre are pleased to invite the above guest trainers to hold some fantastic workshops with inspiring training techniques from beginner through to advanced competition.


Training will be held in our 30m x 30m Indoor Arena in Winter Months and either the Indoor or Outdoor Arena during Summer months.

The sessions will be held throughout the day in 2hr time slots with a maximum of 6 handlers/dogs in each group.

Group 1 - Grade 1-3 (young dogs)
Group 2 - Grade 3-5

Group 3 - Grade 5-7 or Grade 3-5 (subject to interest)

Price per handler/dog   £48.00

To request a space please click on the link below where spaces can be seen and booked on

Should you not be able to attend after confirming your space, please do let us know and we will attempt to sell the space.  You are also able to sell your space (to a handler at the level of the group). 
Please note:  Refunds are not provided (unless covid restrictions dictate).

Fidos Training Centre - Agility Workshop 

Please book Tickets @ 
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