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121 Personal Online Training



GREAT NEWS - We are pleased to offer customers our personalised individual ONLINE training.  Within the session you will have the trainer with you on a Zoom Video call whilst practising the training techniques.

PACKAGE 1   - Obedience/Scentwork/Trick Training

Five  x 30 Minute Personalised Video Calls (Zoom)               £60.00

Over a period of 5 sessions, our Training will be available to give you instant advice on training your dog, whether they are a Puppy/Young/Rescue/Nervous dog we will be able to help and give you advice during your time at home.   

Obedience Training sessions will include foundation and advanced training techniques to your individual needs.  These will include new training exercises or troubleshooting difficulties that you are having with your dog.

Scentwork/Trick Training Sessions are a great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated.  This is a brilliant for you to teach your dog new tricks which in turn builds up a fantastic bond between you whilst having fun.  

30 minute sessions can be as frequent as you wish.  Some customers like training Daily, some would rather stagger the sessions over a five week period.  The choice is yours! 

PACKAGE 2 - Obedience Training PLUS

Five x30 Minute Personalised Video Calls (Zoom)                £90.00

           As above - PLUS.....

After having your training session this package gives you the added bonus of sending three videos (per week) of how you are progressing and any issues that you are having to your trainer.  Your trainer will then email with advice and techniques to solve issues and continue progressing with your training until the next sessions scheduled time.

121 Online Training

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