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Obedience Training 

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Obedience training is a rewarding experience for both dog and owner.  Training should be fun and our aim is to shape a balanced mind through reward and positive reinforcement.

All training should be a positive experience for your dog without the need of physical force or punishment.  

With a positive reward weather by verbal praise, treats or toys your dogs will learn very quickly enjoying bonding with you at the same time.

Dogs love to please and with praise you will be surprised how quickly they response.

Our clicker training technique is widely used and very effective allowing your dogs to understand they will be getting their reward for a job well done.

Our Trainers are fully insured and have over 25 years of Obedience experience within training and competing to a high level.





RECALL TRAINING      12-20 Weeks of Age   - Classes commencing
                                           1 Hour - 6 week Session -  £90.00     
(max 6
 dogs per group)                          

                                           Wednesday 31st March - 10am  & 1pm                             


Puppy Class      12-20 Weeks of Age   -  Next Class commencing 

Wednesday 12th May - 6pm

Young Dog        6 months plus of Age - Class commencing   


                                    Monday 10th May               - 5pm
                                    Tuesday 11th May               - 6pm

                              1 Hour - 6 week Course -  £90.00                                           
                              (messenger support question time is available between)        
(max 5 dogs per group)


Due to lockdown we have a Young Dog class is available for the older dogs puppies who have not had a chance to complete a younger puppy class (please advise when booking)

Our puppy class is a lovely Introduction for the puppies to social with other dogs and also introduce Obedience skills.  Your puppy will be encouraged through positive and clicker training to Sit, Down, Hand Touch, Toy Play, Send to bed, legs position, socialise handling, preventative behaviour,  building a good communication with your dog.   

While on all of our courses attendees are asked if they would like to join a group chat which we find owners love when sharing experiences they are having training their puppies. (this is not compulsory)

At the end of the 6 week course a certificate will be presented.

Level 1  Class     5 months plus of Age - Class commencing


                               Monday 10th May  - 6pm

                                     1 Hour - 6 week Course -  £90.00                                                                                                                                           (max 5 dogs per group)


Level One continues with your dogs training covering Sit duration, Send to bed, Target training, Hand Touch, Lead walking, Recall, Retrieve, Heelwork, Rollover, distance handling with obstacles & scentwork games.  These exercises are great for mind stimulation and bonding behaviour with your dog.

At the end of the 6 week course a certificate will be presented.

Level Two Class     7 months plus of Age - Class commencing 


                                   Wednesday 12th May - 7pm

                                    1 Hour - 6 week Course -  £90.00                                                                                                                                           (max 5 dogs  per group)

                                 Dogs should have completed our Young Dog/Level 1 class or some previous training.
                                 We ask that a 121 session is booked if previous training has been obtained from

                                 another training to ensure that we place you into the correct group for you and your


Level Two  follows onto advanced obedience methods, Enhancing and strengthen the training that you have received on previous levels.

To join Level One owners must have either completed the Level One or attended two  1-2-1 sessions.

At the end of the 6 week course a certificate will be presented.

1-2-1 Training           1 Hour session -  £60.00     4x  1hour sessions - £220 

We are happy to help closely with you on general advise or behavioural issues, ranging from seperation anxiety, barking, chewing, soil indoors and crate training


The 4.5 acre dog walking field @ fidosfun also allows Sportive Dogs Training Club the space to offer individual training on recall, retrieve and scent work within a large safe enclosed area.



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