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Canine Hoopers is a great new fast growing dog-sport hitting the UK.

This sport is available to all breeds, due to the fact that the equipment and courses are low impact, allowing your dogs to run freely through hoops, 80cm tunnels & barrels.  Training whilst exercising, a win win for you and your dogs.   Being great for all breeds, opens up this increasingly popular sport to larger and mini breeds ranging from your Great Danes, Mastiffs down to the gorgeous chihuahua, Bulldogs, Terriers, mini poodles plus the younger and older dogs, this is a gentle low impact fun sport.

Handlers don't need to be great sportsman/women to enjoy this sport either.  Handlers with less body fitness can distance handle allowing your dogs to run the course or for those who wish to run the course, there are options for all.  Its all about having a great time dog training with a new interest, promoting and encouraging positive interaction.

Canine Hoopers, bonds and unites handler and dog to work together as a team to complete the skills needed within the course of Hoops, barrels and tunnels.

At Sportive Dogs we always work on purely positive reward based training, allowing the dog to use their mind and body to accomplished the exercises.  Owners are amazed at how quickly their dogs pick up these exercises whilst having fun. 

So, Why Not give it a Try......






























Beginners     1 Hour - 8 week Course -  £80.00        Monday 10am  & Thursday 7pm
                        (max 6 per group)                                     (for other new dates plse email)

This course is perfect for handlers that would like to try a new skill involved with Canine Hoopers.  Covering Foundation handling and courses.  A great introduction to the sport.

Improvers     1 Hour - 8 week course - £80.00       Thursday 6pm  
(max 6 per group)                                   (for other new dates plse email)

The Improver class is for handlers that have either completed a beginners course weather with Fidos or another training venue.  This course continues with the techniques involved 



1-2-1 Training -  30 minutes         -     £25.00 (per person)
                               1 Hour                 -     £40.00 (per person)

(Sessions will be held inside if the weather is bad)


We are happy to organise 121 training for handlers who wish to focus on certain handling techniques.


2 People Sharing - 30 minutes      £35.00 (ie: £17.50 pp)
                                   1 Hour               £50.00 (ie:  £25.00 pp)


(Prices 2 people sharing are per session)

WORKSHOPS/SHOWS -  Regular Workshops are held with our own and guest Trainers throughout the year.  Please see our Workshop/show page of up and coming dates.

Exciting times with Shows coming soon.

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