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How Fidos was born.

Some 8 years ago, I purchased a gorgeous Red spaniel puppy Misha.  From a young pup I knew I would have to stimulate her mind and talking to afew people started at a friendly local agility class.  That was the start of it all.  Completely addicted.....

After a short time we decided the name 'Ginger Nuttie' suited her much more due to her mad, loud very fast way of running.

To say she was the best first agility dog an inexperienced handler could start with would be a bit of an over exaggeration.  However, she has not only taught me so much, going from KC Grade 1-6, but she has sent me on the road to be completely crazy on Dog Agility.

Of course, once you have one spaniel you need more!!! 


'BB' was next to join the family.  Breed out of 'Timsgarry Barlow FTCH',
'BB' is such a lovely 'quiet' (which most people are very pleased about), biddable bitch and a pleasure to train. 

Of course, 'BB' being so biddable and Misha's mad, but focused competitive edge only helped with the birth of 'Giggs'. 


I  bred 'Giggs' who is the son of 'BB' and another gorgeous red spaniel 'Lowallin Hissing Sid FTCH'.  He has been an absolute pleasure to train with the blend of both mum and auntie.  'BB's siblings are all also doing fantastic in their new homes training at Agility & Hoopers.

Ginger Nuttie will be forever thanked for starting me on this fantastic new journey within the world of Agility, planting the seed for Fidos Training Centre.  I have had the pleasure of meeting some great people through training, competing and now running the centre and cannot thank her enough.

I hope that you all enjoy our facilities, training, workshops & Shows we will be holding at Fidos Training Centre.

Hayley Hawkins

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